Blue Cave introductory diving & feeding experience for tropical fish by beach entry (1dive)

  • ★Start from Shallow.
  • ★You can play for 40 minutes in the ocean!
  • ★Not only Blue Caves, there are anemone fish feeding points that feels "Ryugu castle".
  • ★We promise to be able to enjoy Okinawa's activity!

JPY 12,000


Recommend points

Blue Cave is the most popular snorkeling point in Okinawa.
The mysterious blue color which exists only here is worth seeing in life at once.The blue color from the underwater that can be seen only by diving is more attractive than blue seen on the water surface.
The transparency of the sea is the best in Okinawa, and there are many tropical fish.If you feed at the popular point where anemone fish live, friendly fish will come nearby.

There are two ways to go to the Blue Cave, going by boat or going from the beach.

If you choose going from beach, you can practice at the place where your feet arrives so you can relax and start.
It is recommended for beginners and children, those who are not confident in swimming.

Tour Detail

Area Blue Cave
Period all year
Time required about 3 hours, about 40 minutes in water
Meeting time 8:00/9:30/13:00/14:30
Meeting place shop (MAP)
Pick up Yomitan village only
Included in the price guide by staff, rental equipment, facility use, insurance fee
Age healthy person over 6 years old
Belongings swimming wear, spare clothes, beach sandals
Free service feeding experience, drink, towel, keeping valuables
Free facilities parking, warm water shower, locker room, dressing room, drying machine, drier
Terms of health check your history of a patient
Payment cash or credit cards(VISA, Master Card, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, DISCOVER, DC)
Cancellation Policy The day 100%, after 17 o'clock the previous day 50%


※Please check the medical history in advance. If you have a relevant medical history, need to bring a doctor's medical certificate.
※Customers over 60 years old are required to submit a medical history certificate.
※Under12 must be with parents.
※Parental consent is required for only minors group.
※For safety reasons, pregnant women are not accepted.

※If you get motion sick easily, taking medicine up to 30 minutes before the meeting.

※You can not board an airplane on the day you diving.
(Excluding Snorkeling)

※If you change from the beach plan to the boat plan after the previous day, boat boarding fee is required separately.
(diving JPY 1,500, snorkeling JPY 1,000)

※Pickup may not be possible due to circumstances. In that case we will contact you in advance.

※Whether course can be held, depending on the current sea condition of the day.
※In case we can not hold the course as usual, we will contact you by phone in advance.

※It will be on even if it rains. But if the ocean situation is bad by typhoon, warning, alarm etc.. In that case no charge will be charged.

Tour Flow

1. Reception

Welcome to Murunu-shi!

2. Equipment matching

We will explain slowly and politely. Let's start after eliminate anxiety.

3. Move to spot

It is approximately 15 minutes by car to the cape Maeda where there is a blue cave.

4. Put on diving gear

4. Put on diving gear, practice until you get used to water.

5. Blue Cave diving

Let's diving the Blue Cave, enjoy swimming in the water like a sky flying safely and securely. You will see the mysterious blue color.

6. Feeding anemone fish

You can experience like a Ryugu castle where friendly fishes are approaching nearby.

7. Back to shop

Warm water shower, changing room, towel and hair dryer are all free of charge.

8. Coffee time

Relax with coffee while watching the scenic location in front of the shop. Enjoy Okinawa time until the end of the tour.


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